Bermuda railway trail

Bermuda railway trail

The island of Bermuda is best known for its natural beaches, beautiful island vegetation, friendly and safe atmosphere, and of course the Bermuda Triangle.  A lesser known feature of the island is old Bermuda railway trail.  The railway way ran the entire length of the island and served as the islands sole means of mechanical transportation since cars were initially ban from the island.  Long ago they decided to allow motorized vehicles and dismantled the railway.  Fortunately for us, the path that the railway took was not developed but rather left as a 22 mile walking trail which spans the entire length of the island!  It passes many natural beaches, scenic areas, residences… well really everything there is to see since it runs the whole island.  A fantastic way to see Bermuda.  Want to know more?  See the video where we travel the first segment of the trail starting near Heritage and Kings Wharf.



While in Bermuda we also had a chance to explore the Crystal & Fantasy Caves.  They feature deep, clear underground pools of clear blue water. The cave  is filled with incredible natural formations of stalactites on the ceiling of chandelier clusters and delicate crystallized soda straws.  Stalagmites rise from the floor paired with stalactites.  They are uniquely beautiful and an adventure to discover, “Bermuda’s True Hidden Treasures”.


See more photos of the Crystal & Fantasy Cave from this journey here at

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