Great Stirrup Cay

Exposed Coral Shoreline

Located in the Bahamas, Great Stirrup Cay has plenty to offer the wound be tourist.  Norwegian cruise line (NCL) operates this Island as a destination for some of it’s tropical cruises near the Caribbean.  Much of this island is currently undeveloped offering the opportunity to explore and do some fun tropical island hiking through the jungle.  While exploring the island, I’ve made a tropical island survival spoof video.  Enjoy!

Location: Bahamas, Great Stirrup Cay
GPS Trail Head Coordinates: 25.824810, -77.910061
Duration: Freestyle, Up to you!
Length: Freestyle, Up to you!
Season (video): Winter
Weather Conditions (video): Cloudy
Trail (video): dirt paths or find an opening in the jungle & go!
State Park: NA
Trails taken: Dirt paths + bushwhacking
Difficulty: Easy on dirt paths, moderate through forest

Views: Natural beaches, Tropical & Jungle plants, Coral & Ocean

Access: You must take an NCL cruise that stops there
Recommended Supplies: Bottle of water
Safety Direction (if lost)Find the shore & follow it till you see a path




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