St John’s US Virgin Island

Crab at Fish Bay

St. John is an idyllic tropical island in the Caribbean known for it’s great beaches and hiking trails. While over half the island is national park, I decided to go off the trails and forge my own path. My goal was to start my trek on the souther part of the island (Fish Bay) and work my way to Camelberg Peak, one of it’s highest points. During mid hike, I was forced to reconsider my route and found myself taking a very different, but extremely satisfying course on this USVI hike. See the video for the whole story.

Location: St. John’s USVI
GPS Trail Head Coordinates: 18.322N  64.766W (Fish Bay)
GPS Waypoints: GPX CSV KML Google maps
Duration: Approximately 4 hours at moderate pace with time for sightseeing and rests.
Season (video): Spring
Weather Conditions (video): Cloudy
Trail (video): Follow the river NNW
Difficulty: Moderate
Views: Fish Bay, Stream, small waterfalls
State Park: Near Virgin Island National Park
Access: Take the ferry from St. Thomas (Red Hook) to St. Johns (Cruz Bay). Take a taxi or walk to where you want to start your hike.
Recommended Supplies: 3 x 750ml (20 OZ) bottles of water or sports drink (more during heat/summer), a small snack, map, compass & first aid kit.
Other: Day Hike, tropical island, stream, waterfall
Common Wildlife Encounted: Crabs, Iguanas and Birds
Safety Direction (if lost): Highway 10 runs East-West through the middle of the island, if your in the southern part of the island, head north.



Map St Johns

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