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Mohonk Mountain Labyrinth and Lemon Squeeze

Join us as we hike through the Labyrinth & experience the Lemon Squeeze at Mohonk Mountain A little over an hour from the sky scrapers of NYC and awaits a great day hike around Mohonk Mountain (Shawangunk).  Sitting in the middle of a vast estate, the Mohonk Mountain House is surrounded by hiking trails.  While…

Breakneck Ridge Winter hiking

Rock Scramble

An hour north from the skyscrapers of New York City, join me as I backpack one of the best hiking loops in the United States overlooking the scenic Hudson Valley River near Cold Spring, NY.  The snowy rocky cliffs and steep ascents prove challenging but extremely rewarding during this winter time hike.  Travel with me…

Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge

Palm Tree

Named after wildlife photographer Allan Cruickshank, the Cruickshank trail offers exception views of Florida’s marshland.  For birders, this is one of the premier bird observation locations in the entire country.  Countless migratory bird species inhabit this area all year round.  To add some excitement, the American Alligator & Bob cats can also been spotted in this area.  Hiking…

Alander mtn hiking loop Day 1

Trail signs

Situated at the corner of 3 states, this backpacking adventure takes us into MA, CT & NY all in one overnight adventure.  During our ascent of Mt. Frissell, we’ll cross the highest point in CT.  The Bear Mountain hike in CT has a plaque that states it’s the highest point but it was latter discovered…

Mt Taurus to Breakneck Ridge day hike

Forest hiking trail

Overlooking the Lower Hudson River, Mt Taurus (AKA Bull Hill) offers some great views of the Hudson Valley & surrounding area including the village of Cold Spring.  It offers a good day hike challenge while not being overly difficult or technically challenging. While enjoying an excellent fall hike on the generously wide trails that the…

Mt. Marcy Summit and Camping

Marcy Dam Lake

In the heart of the Adirondack Mountain Range you’ll find Lake Placid which is best known for being a host to the Olympic games and is still an Olympic training center. Mt. Marcy, the highest mountain peak in New York State, is located close to the training facility which seems very appropriate since it’s a…

St John’s US Virgin Island

Stream St Johns

St. John is an idyllic tropical island in the Caribbean known for it’s great beaches and hiking trails. While over half the island is national park, I decided to go off the trails and forge my own path. My goal was to start my trek on the souther part of the island (Fish Bay) and…

Bear Mountain CT Trail Loop

Summit view of valley

Journey with me as we climb one of the highest points in Connecticut on it’s most popular hiking trail, Bear Mountain. At it’s summit we’re greeted by a huge stone pyramid that we climb to get a remarkable view of the valley and lakes below. During our hike up the mountain we encounter many scenic vistas, rugged terrain, streams and travel through ancient forest.

Hiking Camping Gear and Supplies: Tents

hiking camping trails killarny backpacking overnight tent setup

A three season tent provides suitable comfort in pretty much any weather the average camper would care to be out in. Even if one plans to only camp in summer having this can still be beneficial for those unexpected cold nights.

Pinnacle & Pulpit Rock Backpacking

hiking across river near trail

Only an hour NW of Philadelphia, backpack with me as I guide you through what’s considered to be the best loop hiking trails in all of Pennsylvania and one of the best in the United States.  This trail will give you an excellent workout and you’ll be well rewarded when you get to the top…